Donny Osmond Enjoys Popsicles with His Grandkids in the Pool (Photo)

Donny Osmond added a whole lot of cuteness in the world of Instagram after sharing a picture of himself with his grandkids. Nothing better than enjoying popsicles with your grandkids in the pool on a hot summer day! 

The singer is a doting grandfather to his 10 grandchildren. Each one of them is adorable and shares the enchanting Osmond smile. 

Donny and the litte ones found a perfect way to spend a hot summer day, and the singer took to Instagram to share a glimpse of what seems like a fun-filled day with his grandkids.

“My grandkids just pushed me in the pool, so we celebrated by breaking out some #popsicles,” Osmond captioned the post. 


Previously, the actor shared a picture of himself and his wife Debbie with all 10 of their grandchildren on Instagram. Osmond spent a fun-filled day with his little ones at the Butterfly Biosphere at Thanksgiving Point.

“There is no better way to spend a beautiful afternoon in #Utah than with all ten of our wonderful #grandkids. Debbie and I are so blessed,” he wrote.

With 9 grandsons and a granddaughter, the Osmonds are surely surrounded by love and joy. On top of that, his devoted fans love him immensely.


Back in May, Donny and his sister Marie confirmed that they were bringing their residence at the Flamingo Hotel to an end this November. The duo has been 

“My heartfelt thanks to our incredible fans who travel from all over the world to see the show. Your support means the world to me, and I feel your love from the stage each and every night,” Donny wrote.

Donny and Marie were both surrounded by music ever since they were kids. As most of Donny’s fans know, Donny recorded his first solo when he was just 12 years old

The pop number called “Sweet and Innocent,” made it on the BIllboard’s Hot 100 chart at number 7. According to Donny, the song “changed his life.”

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