Katey Sagal's Personal Tragedy That Changed an Entire Season of ‘Married… with Children’

While working on "Married... with Children," Katey Sagal declared she was pregnant, and her pregnancy was written into the storyline. Sadly, Sagal lost the child at eight months, and the show played it off as if it had been a dream.

One of the best TV sitcoms to air was "Married… with Children." The hit show was on the air from 1987 to 1997, making it the longest-lasting sitcom on Fox. It is also the first to be broadcast in the network's primetime slot.

"This is what they say about stillbirth, that 60 percent of it is God's will and there's no medical reason..."

Sagal, who played Peggy Bundy, discovered that she was pregnant while working on the sitcom in 1991. This was sudden, so the pregnancy was written into the storyline of the show.

The actress was pregnant for most of the season. Unfortunately, she lost her baby to stillbirth at eight months. The pregnancy on the show was then treated as a dream sequence.

This change was made by the directors and producers out of consideration for Sagal. They realized it would be horrendous for her when she interacted with an infant on the show while also managing the loss of her own child.

While on "The View," the actress admitted that she was taking the loss incredibly hard.

"This is what they say about stillbirth, that 60 percent of it is God's will and there's no medical reason – and that's what I was told," she said.

Sagal partly blamed herself for the loss of her baby. What she had in mind was that it might have happened because she had devoted herself too much to work or not tending to an illness.

"It was very difficult," Sagal said, adding that she was regularly visiting psychic healers and doctors in the rare occasions she would leave her home in the year following the stillbirth.

Things finally took a turn for her spiritually when a Buddhist friend comforted her.

Sagal and her husband, Jack White, eventually had two children — a daughter, Sarah Grace and a son, Jackson James.

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