May 14, 2020

Debbie Allen of 'Grey's Anatomy' Shares Photo with Sister Phylicia Rashad and Mom on Mother's Day

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Debbie Allen paid tribute to her mother, Vivian on Mother's Day by giving credit to her for her success as a creative artist. She also shared photos featuring her equally successful sister, Phylicia Rashad, and revealed the shared beauty they possess. 

Sisters Debbie Allen and Phylicia Rashad are legends in the industry thanks to their mother, Vivian Ayers Allen who never stopped believing in them. It is for this reason that Debbie acknowledged their mother’s role in their success in her Mother’s Day post last weekend.

Debbie Allen & Phylicia Rashad at the grand opening gala of Tyler Perry Studios in October 2019. | Photo: Getty Images


Debbie was grateful to Vivian when she shared images of them with her sister, Phylicia. The first of two was a recent pic while the second was a black-and-white throwback revealing the beauty that binds them and their uncanny resemblance.

Bound by their shared passion for the arts, Debbie and Phylicia grew up embracing their talents in spite of the obstacles posed by racial segregation...

Debbie Allen on the Red Carpet at Wallis Annenberg Center in October 2017. | Photo: Getty Images


Debbie’s sweet message was a toast to Vivian’s commitment and faith in her daughters.

“You’ve always made us believe that we were part of a universe that welcomed us, wanted our creativity and was waiting for us to do something good. And so we’ve been doing that forever.”

Her message ended with the words, “Thank you for your light, Mommy.”


Bound by their shared passion for the arts, Debbie and Phylicia grew up embracing their talents in spite of the obstacles posed by racial segregation which forced them to uproot from the US to Mexico City.

Phylicia told Oprah in 2017 that their mother  made sure they “would not be scarred by this ignorance.”

“So, when there was someplace we wanted to go and we couldn’t go because of segregation, she would say, ‘We won’t be able to go there because it’s a private club and we’re not members of that club,” the “The Cosby Show” star explained.

Debbie Allen, Vivian Ayers, & Phylicia Rashad at the Broadway opening night of "Saint Joan" in April 2018. | Photo: Getty Images


Vivian, a Pulitzer Prize-nominated poet, became the main caregiver of her family after she divorced her husband in 1957. Phylicia was only 9 then and Debbie, 7.

As the head of her brood which also included her two sons, Andrew Arthur and Hugh, Vivian encouraged her children’s creativity. She also made sure they learned to be independent by assigning them chores at home.

(L-R) Phylicia Rashad, Andrew Arthur Allen Jr., Vivian Ayers Allen & Debbie Allen at "A Tale of Two Sisters," an event in honor of the sisters in May 2018. | Photo: Getty Images

It’s no surprise then that her daughters turned out to be very close and masters of their craft.

We salute Vivian for raising such outstanding children and we wish her more years with them so she can continue to mother them in the best way she knows.