December 04, 2021

Single Mom, 53, Welcomes Twin Sister of the Boy She Birthed Two Years Ago via IVF

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A pioneer in her own right, Lan Ma has chosen to defy the norm and take on motherhood despite assumptions about her ethnicity, age, and singlehood. 

After their children are grown, many women like to enjoy the freedom of having no kids to look after and spending time focusing on themselves. 

However, for 53-year-old Lan Ma, her definition of freedom is different, stating that having children is her liberation. However, she faces ignorance, with many societal assumptions working against her, such as her age, ethnicity, and the fact that she is single. 

Lan Ma and baby Toby. │Source:



Once her children, 17-year-old Tyler and 19-year-old Thomas, grew up and didn't need as much attention, she initially considered starting a business related to wellness, but it didn't feel right. This was when Lan Ma chose to go the route of IVF, giving birth to Toby in 2019. She expressed:

"I thought I was lucky with Toby as he is a happy boy who never cries." 

Recognizing that the now 2-year-old would be a lonely child, she decided to undergo IVF again. She gave birth to Toby's biological sister Tara in November 2021. Lan Ma claims that they almost look exactly the same. 




This mother of four has also tackled the issues surrounding age, being a single mother, and race. Toby and Tara are caucasian while she is Asian - a fact that may trigger ignorance. Lan Ma affirmed

“The only thing that mattered was health.” 

Speaking on wellness and fitness regarding her age, the mother stated that she keeps herself in shape and feels better than she did when she was 30 years old. 

The name of Lan Ma’s YouTube channel along with the subscribe button. │Source: Lan Ma The Happy Space Health Coach



As a single mother, Lan Ma has stated that this independence has helped her become self-reliant, making it easier to dismiss others' perceptions and opinions. Talking about her unmoving decision to have kids, she expressed

"I have decided I have more life to give to my children, they are my purpose, meaning, and calling in life."

With the courage to trailblaze her own path, there is no doubt that Lan Ma will raise the tiny duo to take on their own powerful journeys without caring what others may think. 



Strong women continue to open up new avenues for one another, showing that there is not only one way to live.

This is what Debby Neal-Strickland Marthe did when she decided to donate her kidney to her husband's ex-wife Mylaen Anderson-Merthe. The operation occurred just two days after her wedding to her current spouse. 

Debby Neal-Strickland Marthe and Mylaen Anderson-Merthe.│Source:

The two now refer to themselves as "Kidney Sisters" and have matching bracelets with the transplant date engraved into the jewelry. 

What do you think of  Lan Ma and Debby's decisions? Do you find them to be strange, and why? Are you open and supportive of them? 


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