Jim Bob Duggar: Everything You Need to Know about the Duggar Patriarch

Cheryl Kahla
Jul 12, 2019
01:57 A.M.
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Jim Bob Duggar, an American Christian fundamentalist, is most famously known for the reality TV show featuring his family, "19 Kids & Counting". 


The show initially aired as "17 Kids & Counting" on TLC in 2008, but was renamed as the couple welcomed more children. 

Cameras followed the family as they went about their daily routine, and it was unlike anything ever witnessed on TV before. 



The family soon made headlines for their strong religious beliefs and controversial lifestyle. People either loved them or loved to hate them. 

Fans would watch the show and look up to the Duggar family in awe. While critics simply couldn't look away, as though they were witnessing a train crash. 

Following the cancellation of "19 Kids & Counting," TLC offered a contract to Jill and Jessa to carry on the Duggar legacy as a spin-off show. 


The show features primarily Jessa, Jinger, and Joy-Anna and their husbands. Jill was part of the show until TLC canceled her husband's contract after he posted transphobic tweets. 


Jim Bob has been married to Michelle Duggar (nee Ruark) since 1984, and they have 19 children together. 

  1. Josh Duggar, 31, married to Anna Keller, They are expecting their sixth child.
  2. Jana Duggar, 29, still single
  3. John David Duggar, 29, married to Abbie Burnett
  4. Jill Duggar, 28, married to Derick Dillard. They have two sons.
  5. Jessa Duggar, 26, married to Ben Seewald, they are expecting their third child. 
  6. Jinger Duggar, 25, married to Jeremy Vuolo. They have one daughter
  7. Joseph Duggar, 24, married to Kendra Caldwell. They are expecting their second child. 
  8. Josiah Matthew, 22, married to Lauren Swanson. 
  9. Joy-Anna 'Joy' Duggar, 21, married to Austin Forsyth. They are expecting their second child. 
  10. Jedidiah Duggar, 20.
  11. Jeremiah Duggar, 20.
  12. Jason Duggar, 19.
  13. James Duggar, 18.
  14. Justin Duggar, 16. 
  15. Jackson Duggar, 15. 
  16. Johannah Duggar, 13. 
  17. Jennifer Duggar, 11. 
  18. Jordyn-Grace Duggar, 10. 
  19. Josie Duggar, 9. 

The couple was expecting their 20th child in 2011. They later announced that Michelle had miscarried and that they had named their unborn baby Jubilee Shalom. 

It's also important to note that Jim Bob doesn't believe in higher education. He believes it to be problematic, even for men. 

None of his children hold any degrees, and Jim Bob encourages his daughters to find husbands and have large families. 


That said, the Duggar children are allowed to take online classes Jill Duggar Dillard is certified a midwife. The only one with a degree in the family is Jessa's husband. 


Lesser controversies include Jim Bob's fundamentalist teachings and pro-life stance, as well as his spending habits. 


But that all pales in comparison to the controversy surrounding his eldest son, Josh. In 2006, it came to light that Josh sexually molested his younger sisters. 

He was 14 years old when he confessed, and Jim Bob was aware of his son's heinous acts. Even though Jim Bob knew what Josh was doing to his sisters, he never reported it. 

When the scandal went public, TLC canceled their contract for "19 Kids & Counting" with immediate effect. 



It's speculation at best, but Jim Bob reportedly has a net worth of around $3.6 million, according to Screenrant. 

Most of his income comes from real estate investments and book royalties for the Duggar's novel, titled "A Love That Multiplies." 

Jim Bob owns several real estate properties in Arkansas, which he leases to a cell phone company to use for their transmission equipment. 

In addition, the Duggar's made between $24,000 and $45,000 per episode of "19 Kids & Counting," which is more than enough to tie them over for quite some time.