Stevie J & Faith Evans Talk Breakup Rumors, Claim There’s No 'Trouble in Paradise'

Stevie J and Faith Evans shut down rumors of "trouble in paradise" with an awkward kiss on the cheek. The couple was spotted at the Essence Festival where they seemed to admit unfollowing each other and shrugged it off by saying, "That's what we do."  

We’re suspecting Joseline Hernandez may be having the last laugh after recent rumors suggested Stevie J and Faith Evans’ marriage is in limbo. Or is it? According to the concerned parties, it’s not. 


There was reason to believe trouble was lurking in Stevie and Faith’s marital paradise after they unfollowed each other on the ‘Gram. This along with Stevie’s cryptic tweets about drunk people speaking the truth and how insecurities can be damaging, or how “all that glitters ain’t gold” and “nothing will last forever” made for a recipe for a breakup rumor.  

The couple raised more doubts after Faith re-followed her husband again but he didn’t. And if their recent interview is an indication, the story could still be true even if the couple says it’s not. 

“You can’t believe everything that you hear.”


TMZ caught up with the couple as they were leaving the Essence Festival on Sunday and though their words spoke of being together, their actions weren’t convincing. 

Asked about the latest buzz about their relationship, Faith appeared unaware when she asked back, “What the hell did we do now?” When the reporter reminded her that they both unfollowed each other, she proceeded to ask, “We did?” to which Stevie adds, “That’s what we do.”

Faith and Stevie are about to make it to their first anniversary as husband and wife after a whirlwind wedding last year.

Digging deeper, the reporter directly asked if there was “trouble in paradise.” Stevie denied it by saying, “Trouble in paradise? What does this look like?” and attempted to kiss Faith who appeared to deflect and offered him his cheek. She later issued her own denial.

“I’m not in heaven yet so I don’t know. There’s no trouble in paradise.”

The reporter indulged in that truth and even made a comment about how in love they both looked. 

“I think I am,” Faith affirmed and advised, “You can’t believe everything that you hear.”


Faith and Stevie are about to make it to their first anniversary as husband and wife after a whirlwind wedding last year. They surprised the world when they secretly wed in Vegas following a break up the year before.

Stevie’s baby mama, Joseline Hernandez even doubted the authentication of the union and spilled details of a text she received from the music producer a month before he wed. In the exchange, he was offering her marriage which she turned down.



Stevie and Joseline share a 2-year-old daughter named Bella whose custody is currently being questioned by the music man. He accused Joseline of denying him his visitation and took her to court recently demanding the judge to place her behind bars. 

The battle between the exes has been bitter ever since. And with news of Stevie’s marriage in trouble, it’s not going to be a surprise if Joseline uses it to take a stab at Stevie like she always did in the past. 

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